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The 5 year anniversary pin from IPCN (1998-2003).
Only available to members of IPCN.
The pin is approved by NOK, NIF and IOC!
It's of course Håkon and Kristin, the mascots from Lillehammer.
The pin measure 73 by 60 millimeters.

5 års jubileums pinsen fra International Pin Club Norway
Tilbys herved de som tegner medlemskap i IPCN.
Nytt i 2003 er att vi har fått denne flotte Håkon & Kristin pinsen godkjent av NOK / NIF / IOC.
Pinsen er 73 x 60 millimeter.

The new member pin from International Pin Club Norway for 2002.
Edition 300.
With number, a jumbo pins - 55mm
Member pins 2001, International Pin Club Norway.
Edition 300.
Souvenir pins, IPCN pins.
Edition 300.
Souvenir pins "the Norwegian woman's javelin gold medalist in Sydney - Trine Lise Hattestad" IPCN pins.
Edition 300.
Member pins year 1999 International Pin Club Norway
Edition 300.
Member pins year 2000 International Pin Club Norway
Edition 300.
Friendship/Member pins IPCN between Australia and USA.
Edition 300