Images from our trip to Salt Lake City:
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These images are from our trip to Salt Lake City (USA) for the 2002 Olympics.

Two official pin traders from Norway, with the gold and silver medal winner (speedskating) from the host country, USA; Derek Parra.
Our friends from East-Europe; Darius Kreivys from Lithuania, Igor Akmazov from Moscow and Rimantas Dziautas also from Lithuania.

Geir Silseth, Lillehammer, Norway trading a mediapins - NRK with Sølve Grotmol from Norwegian broadcasting (NRK).

Geir finally gets his NRK pins to add to his collection.

3 enthusiastic pins collectors; Isac and Robert Bravender, Los Angeles, USA, and Arne Solvang Haugesund, Norway, outside Isac's place with his spinning pins wheel.

This was the first day - February 6th - outside the media center, downtown Salt Lake City. The time is 9:30 in the morning, very few people on the street, but the ones who are there are always ready to do some pin trading.

The traders to my right were from Canada and Texas.

Scott Reed, Atlanta, USA. And Geir Silseth and Arne Solvang.
This is our good friend Niko Kazakos from USA, selling some pins outside ExpoMart, downtown, Salt Lake City.
After a long day with pin trading, you do get a bit tired, standing in the sun or in the cold from 10 AM to 10 PM. But that's life, and we love to do it......

Greq Aqulan from New York, USA and his wife, from the Philippines.

We did many trades with Greq.

This is the house we rented in Salt Lake City - 1500 East, 1300 South.

I think Richard Jackson in Pindemonium remember this address. He drove us home the first day we were in SLC, we didn't have a clue as to where this address was, but Richard figured it out, and got us safely home.

Greq Aqulan, New York, USA, also ready for a new - sunny day, with many good pin trades.
Geir Silseth, Lillehammer, Norway, trading some pins with Dan Baker, USA.

Geir Silseth, Lillehammer, Norway, ready for a new day with pin trading.

The 'pin people' are here already!

Sergie Morikawa, Nagano, Japan, at his 'place' outside ExpoMart.
Arne Solvang busy packing a pins, he just sold a Snowball NBC pins.
Our pins friends from Greece, Slovakia, Japan, Philippines ant USA.

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