Images from our trip to Nagano:
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These images are from our trip to Nagano Japan for the 1998 Olympics.

The boys on their way back to Norway, a little bit tired but always ready for a smile.

I think it was Tina, the Airhostes from Oslo on British Airways who got us smiling......

Look at the big smiles!

I bet they had a good day!!

An early breakfast for Ivar and Geir, double sandwich with ham and cheese.

And as usual, orange juice and milk.

Ivar need a cup of black coffee to wake up.

Ivar and Geir with the guy who got us our apartment in Nagano.

Arne and Geir is celebrating after a long day in Nagano Gondo.

A cold Kirin beer taste very good indeed.

Ivar Karlsen with a pretty Japanese girl.

I bet he have given her a free pin!

Our Japanese friends, who work right next to where we traded pins.

They always had a smile on their face.

They even traded pins with us.....

Geir Silseth - Lillehammer, trading pins in Nagano Gondo.

This was a bit funny. The guy on the left thought Geir were Bjørn Dæhli!

We couldn't understand why, he doesn't look like him at all!

I think maybe he had had a little bit of sake......

Arne traded with the chef in the restaurant kitchen.

He traded two pins for the Kirin banner.

This is the temple house in Nagano.

This beer is too big, even for you Ivar!

But you never know with these Norwegians......

Geir also did a 'deal' with our friend in our restaurant in Nagano Gondo.

Look at the big smile on his face!

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