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This site is a results of interest of pins collecting in a periode of 15 year. To collect pins is a fantastic hobby.You meet other collectors with same interest as Your self. Here we will try to provide information for anyone who is just getting started in pin collecting. Ways to conduct trades, warning signs to look for, how to get free pins (or almost free, it might cost you the price of a stamp), links to sites with great information on pin collecting but mostly it is here just to have fun.

Pin collecting/trading is more than just about pins. It is a great way to meet people and make new friends. Each pin has it's only little story and history behind it and you will find some great stories to be told by fellow collectors.

First off the main thing to remember about pin collecting/trading is that this hobby is more than just about pins. It is about fun and it provides a great way to meet people worldwide and make some great new friends. You may meet someone someday that may not speak the same language as you but you will find the pins will talk for themselves. A friendly smile, a handshake and a pin trade is all it takes to make a new friend. Remember the main rule of trading is not getting the better deal out of the trade but being able to exchange pins that both parties are happy to add to their collection.

Since you are reading this you already have access to one of the greatest tools for pin collecting, the Internet. The Internet contains vast resources for everyone including pin collectors. Here we will provide you with some insight on places to visit, tips for searching the net, places to look outside the Internet and just some general advice.

Another great way to find sites about pins is to use a search engine. Search engine are like an index to a book. You type in key words you are looking for and they search the internet looking for sites realted to what you type. Try to use as many keywords in your search as possible. If you just type the word pin, you will get thousands and thousands of sites. But if you use keywords like London Pins your results will be fewer sites to check and more likely sites that will have what you are looking for.

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This is not an official London 2012 pin club. The website and club is independent to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and is not in any way associated with or endorsed by the BOA, BPA, IOC, IPC or LOCOG.