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Our pins supporter / sponsor Premium Design and IPCN & LIPCUK..... have been lucky enough to join the newly established organization; Red Heart Society (
We would very much like to participate in the development of products to be produced in SRI LANKA, in the city of Hikkaduwa. Products that are to be sold in Norway, Haugesund to start with.
But the history behind getting to where we are today, has been a long one...

Images loading, please be patient...

Hans Egil Wiestad (from left) a member of Red Heart Society (in the middle) and Otto Berg Olsen
to right. Here is some of the products member of Red Heart Society have made.

A handbag is finnish

Picture of the house before Red Heart Society started.

Some products they have made.

The people of Red Heart Society & Friends of Nature.
Here they have just got their sewing machine from Otto Berg Olsen & Red Heart Society.
Finnaly they have tools so they can start made products so they can provid their family.

The building is painted, the signboard is innstalled on the wall.

Signboard finnish.

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