How to place an order

You simply go through our many pages of various pins, when you see one you would like to order, you will find a number next to this pin, you simply put that number into the first available field in the form on the bottom of your browser window, and the quantity of this pin you would like.

When you have finished, and want to place the order, you scroll down to the bottom of you orderform at the bottom and fill in the fields for shipment information, hit "order" and then you wait a few days and you will receive your ordered pins!

If you prefer to, you are of course welcome to order by e-mail or regular post - see below.

How to pay:

Old customers and members of the club will receive an invoice whit their pins. New customers will have to pay in advance:

We accept money orders or checks in NOK


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We now work with PayPal for easy payment. Click the logo below for more information:

These cards are accepted by PayPal:

Customers from Sweden can now use
Our account:

Customers from Denmark can now use
Our account:

What to pay:

Most of our pins are valued in NOK and US $. The currencies are as you all know a changing thing. However, to make things a bit easier, these are the rates we currently work with (numbers are not 100% accurate, and can change some). Its the NOK-price thats the accurate price:

1 US $ = 7 NOK
1 € = 8 NOK
1 GB£ = 12 NOK


Shipping information:

All pin orders are shipping by Norway Post Office.
We are sending the pins rec. if the value is 70 USD (490 NOK) or more.

Shipping cost is as follows for international customers:

1-3 pins = 4 USD (if it`s rec ; 11 USD)
4-9 pins = 6 USD (If it`s rec ; 13 USD)
10-18 pins = 8 USD (if it`s rec ; 15 USD)
19- 48 pins = 12 USD (If it`s rec ; 19 USD)

The price is for normal-sized pins, oversized pins and other pins with higher weight will cost slightly more. All pins are sent in special made envelopes (padded) that are included in the cost.

Norske kunder:

1-3 pins = 15 NOK (hvis det er rekommandert ; 68 NOK)
4-9 pins = 20 NOK ( hvis det er rekommandert ; 78 NOK)
10-18 pins = 30 NOK (hvis det er rekommandert ; 85 NOK)
19-48 pins = 45 NOK (hvis det er rekommandert ; 95 NOK)

Prisen gjelder normal størrelse på pins, hvis det er oversized pins og vekten blir vesentlig høyere en normalt kommer ett lite tillegg i forhold til vekten. Alle pins blir sendt i spesial konvolutt (boblekonvolutt) som er inkludert i prisen.

How to contact us:

Our adress is as follows:

International Pin Club Norway
Grevlingstien 41
5517 Haugesund

Phonenumbers are as follows:

Phone: +47 52 72 41 77 / + 47 918 03 338

E-mails are as follows:

E-mail the club;
E-mail (Arne private);

Our Internet-address:

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