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The second edition of "The Perlow Guide to Olympic Bid Pins: 1960 - 2014" which was finished in late August of this year is now available for purchase at the price of USD $40 plus shipping and handling of $4 for U.S. buyers and $14 for overseas buyers. It is the most accurate, detailed, and complete reference guide ever published on the subject. Craig Perlow is the author and owner of from which much of the book's content is derived, and this book represents the culmination of his 30 years of collecting Olympic Pins and Memorabilia -- 18 years of which were spent collecting Olympic Bid Pins -- and also represents thousands of hours of painstaking research. In fact, there's a lot of information in this book which is being published for the very first time. Also, given the many pins listed on eBay which are often misrepresented as Olympic Bid Pins, this book will be an invaluable aid in helping prospective eBay buyers identify a REAL Olympic Bid Pin from every other kind of pin that eBay sellers are actually offering! So, on that basis alone, this is a "must-have" book!

Weighing in at 1 lb. 4 oz. and 314 pages -- 12 pages more than the first edition, the second edition of "The Perlow Guide..." covers its subject with a breadth and depth that even the most demanding and critical collector will find impressive. For instance, in addition to the almost 1,400 Olympic Bid Pins and 140 Olympic Bid Buttons described and pictured in the last 240 pages of the book, the first 74 pages of the book are devoted to sections entitled "Introduction", "How To Use This Guide", "Olympic Facts & Figures", "The Bidding Process", "Missing Bid Pins", i.e., those pins that were unable to be included in the lists portion of the book, "Bid-Related Pins", "Possible Bid Pins", "Questionable Bid Pins", "Bid Pin Impostors", and "Post-Bid Logo Pins". So, although this book's primary focus is on Olympic Bid Pins, it also deals with literally every other related topic -- making it an extremely comprehensive text.

For many years now, Craig has been considered the leading expert on Olympic Bid Pins by the IOC's International Olympic Memorabilia Federation ("FIMO"), but he wrote this book for novice and experienced Olympic Bid Pin collectors alike. The first edition of 52 copies came out in late June and sold out in just a few days, and about half of this second edition's 68 copies have already been sold via word of mouth.

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